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Are Taxis Expensive in London?

London capital city of the United Kingdom and is one of the busiest cities in the world. The city is home to a well-planned public transport system comprising of trains, tube and buses. However, a high percentage of both Londoners and tourists opt for private hire minicabs and taxi services while traveling in London due to their reliability, safety and comfort. One question that constantly plagues the trust of passengers is the price of hiring taxis in London.

A general impression prevails about taxis and minicabs not being very affordable in London. However a deeper analysis on services and comparison makes them economical and profitable choice. Let us now find out how taxis are the best option while traveling in London.

Pre booking a minicab for airport offers number of added benefits that include free flight monitoring, additional free waiting time, no added charges for airport parking and minimal charges in case of route diversions. Taxis and minicabs are the only door-to-door services available in London. Buses and trains are crowded during the peak season and also unavailable during odd hours of the day. Taxis however relieve passengers of stress and offer timed transfer in maximum comfort. Passengers can receive guidance and free travel tips from drivers as they travel to their destination. Car pooling with fellow passengers further reduces the journey cost.

Taxis offer great benefits for every pound that is paid. They are undoubtedly the best option for a stress-free trip across the city of London.

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